Who We Are..

The BBLGM CLUB is an artistic project with many faces. We will soon be launching our shop of handmade and upcycled vintage items and we are also an event solution company that works with our sponsor She Zine Mag to host and collaborate with other artists to create unique events throughout Toronto, ON.

Events on the roster include a monthly Craftivist Night and DIY Zine Party, as well as the upcoming relaunch of the Cordially series, scheduled for spring/summer of 2018.

Founder, Allison Moyer, has been crafting all her life. When she was super young, there used to be a craft cart that visited the park behind her house once a week. All of the kids would gather and each week they would work on a different project. Her mother was a seamstress, and so she also learned how to sew at a very early age, getting her first sewing machine for Christmas at around the age of 13. Her first business was the Rag Boutique, which launched around 2005 and specialized in the retail sale of handmade goods, which she sourced from crafters from around the world.

She got her start in event choreography in 2008 when she founded the Cordially Yours Craft Sale & Rock Show in Winnipeg, Manitoba. To date, the event series has raised over $10,000 for selected charities. She has run several successful online companies, mostly specializing in the sale of handmade and vintage goods, and has been featured in Venus Zine, the Uniter, the Manitoban, and Broken Pencil (in cartoon form!)

Co-founder, John Sutton, has been working in sound and entertainment for over 20yrs. He got his start playing with bands in his hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan. He eventually followed the music to Winnipeg, Manitoba where he was a founding member of the Weakerthans. Presently, he is playing bass with the the newly reformed 90’s indie rock group, Rusty. He also works  professionally in technical sound for the Leafs and Raptors.

They bring together their combined experience in entertainment and event choreography to collaborate with clients to achieve their creative goals.

The events they host in-house are listed in the event calendar on this site. If you would like to receive updates, make sure you sign up for our mailing list!